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Technology May Be Impacting Your Facility

If you have an antiquated analog modem, your building’s security may be at risk. You may be unaware that due to service changes, your phone company no longer supports analog Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) Services for alarm messaging. This means that you may be missing important alerts about security, fire safety, and building operation. With state of the art technology, a Tozour SMART Services Agreement can put your facility in the palm of your hand.   Contact Jessica Norris for more information. Phone: 610.962.1645 jnorris@tozourtrane.com

BAS R’Newal

BAS R’newal is a controls program designed to economically make existing building automation systems more effective and improve building performance and efficiency, while providing a path for easier future upgrades. New technologies that make managing your building easier, including Web-enabled and remote access, wireless communication, open controls and a consolidated automation system. Cost-effective upgrades help your existing equipment perform more effectively and efficiently – without the cost of a full system replacement. Migration options to fit your plans and budget, so you can replace or upgrade legacy equipment and controls over time, on the schedule that best fits your needs. Ensure success of your new building system, with Trane as your partner throughout the process to provide expertise, training and ongoing support, and to give you complete peace of mind. Uncover opportunities to further improve efficiency of your building and drive energy performance by utilizing valuable building information. Customer performance reports summarize the impact of BAS[...]

Tracer AdaptiView

Chiller panel technology has changed dramatically. If you are a building owner with a Trane CenTraVac® or Series R™ model RTHA chiller built prior to 1993, many of the control panels and associated parts are becoming expensive and difficult to obtain. In the worse case, this can leave you without chiller operation for weeks. Trane has a solution for you, available exclusively from Tozour Energy Systems. The Tracer AdaptiView™ control panel upgrade program allows you to update your chillers to the same controls offered on new Trane CenTraVac and Series R chillers. Unlike your older controllers, the Tracer AdaptiView upgrade improves your operator productivity, increases chiller operation efficiency, and supports the new communication protocol. This comprehensive retrofit package is installed and commissioned by Tozour Energy Systems’ factory-certified technicians. This comprehensive retrofit package is installed and commissioned by Tozour Energy Systems’ factory-certified technicians. Chillers that Qualify: All CenTraVac Models Obsolete Pneumatic, Classic Black, UCP1 and UCP2[...]

IntelliPak Refresh Service Program

Tozour-Trane’s Intellipak Refresh service program is a Trane factory-warranty solution to replace worn materials, restore unit performance, and provide the same reliability for the replaced materials as seen on new IntelliPak units. This program is offered for Trane IntelliPak style rooftop units built in the 1980s or later. This service is backed by the same standard one year parts warranty and optional extended parts warranties offered on new Trane equipment. The Refresh program is designed for owners who wish to sustain their equipment’s reliability and efficiency over a life of 20 to 25 years or longer. This program is customizable for customers, allowing you to choose from a simple base refresh to a comprehensive overhaul of unit compressors, heat exchangers and motors. Every unit also comes with a new serial number and a refresh plaque. Benefits of the IntelliPak Refresh Program: Planned Service – reduces the risk of disruption from an unexpected failure Saves money[...]