AERCO Boilers
Boilers and Hot Water Heaters

Solution Provided: AERCO has been an industry leader in water heating design for over 50 years. We have solutions that fit all segments of the water heater and boiler market. From the smallest elementary school to the largest of Las Vegas’ hotel casinos, AERCO provides the highest-quality products and system designs that deliver hot water and space heating with the greatest efficiency and performance.

American ALDES
Global provider of ventilation solutions for residential and commercial building markets

Solution Provided: American ALDES is the premier manufacturer and provider of environmentally friendly ventilation products and systems designed to improve ventilation effectiveness, energy efficiency and indoor air quality in homes, multi-family dwellings, hotels, schools and a myriad of other commercial applications.


Bard Manufacturing
Engineering and manufacturing of climate control solutions

Solution Provided: Bard products are built to tough ISO quality standards, designed for continuous operation and continually engineered with innovative components. Products include wall-mount air conditioners, heat pumps, gas/electric units, Q-Tec Series units as well as over and under packaged units.

Custom HVAC systems

Solution Provided: BULLDOG Heat Pump systems are quiet and efficient. Developed by the CGC Group, the original product was designed specifically for the hotel industry. Today, the product line includes 8 products and is continuously growing to meet the custom needs of multiple industries.


Calmac off-peak cooling systems

Solution Provided: Calmac Off-Peak Cooling systems utilize modular Calmac IceBank units, coupled with Trane chillers, to generate and store cooling at night when electric rates are lowest. The stored cooling is used during the daytime, to replace or supplement chiller operation, thereby reducing peak kW demand, and lowering building operating costs. Off-Peak Cooling technology is frequently used to obtain valuable LEED points in sustainable building designs.

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Air Handling Units

Solution Provided: ClimateCraft® manufactures custom air handling units (AHUs) for Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare, High Tech Manufacturing and Life Sciences environments. Our engineering expertise generates innovative custom solutions which include AHUs that fit into spaces with limited accessibility, fan array towers that feature redundancy and minimize air flow disruptions, stand-alone towers, replacement fans, and air flow measurement and fan monitoring equipment.


CityScapes Inc.
Lightweight, unit-mounted architectural screen systems for new and existing building market; attaches directly to roof-top mounted equipment

Solution Provided: Cost-effective alternative to heavy metal screening; satisfies local architectural requirements; sound absorption.

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions
Air Quality Solutions

Solution Provided: Safe, reliable and affordable high efficiency air cleaning products for today’s tight building construction.


EMI (Enviromaster International)
Ductless split systems

Solution Provided: Ductless split systems, chilled water fan coil, heat pump water heaters, and various specialty products fit a wide range of applications at a competitive price.


Genesis Air
Advanced filtration, ultraviolet lamps, photocatalysis

Solution Provided: Genesis Air is an advanced filtration system that utilizes a three step approach to reduce airborne biologics and volatile organic compounds and achieve air quality like never before! Filter system will reduce the overall pressure drop through air handlers versus typical carbon filters. In addition, filters decrease the spread of MRSA and other airborne particulates. Filter system is an excellent choice for hospitals, schools and casino applications.

Custom manufacturer of architectural wall fin and unit ventilator shelving

Solution Provided: Ability to match all styles of architectural wall fin on the market at a reduced cost. Unit ventilator shelving comes pre-assembled, reduces installation time, can be ordered to fit any application, and offers an average of 25% savings over standard shelving.

Johnson Air Rotation

Johnson Air Rotation
Air-Rotation Systems

Solution Provided: Johnson Air-Rotation Systems continually are the perfect option for heating and cooling of manufacturing and industrial facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, retail wholesale clubs, and product sensitive storage facilities. Johnson Air-Rotation Systems are a much better option than rooftop units for heating or cooling a large open building.

Kinetics The Process People

Design and Installation Services

Solution Provided: Kinetics is a leading provider of design services and advanced mechanical, piping and HVAC systems for a wide variety of technology-focused market applications. Kinetics has extensive design and installation experience in complex process piping systems for manufacturing and bio-containment centers. They also specialize in mechanical and piping systems for data centers, hospitals, research laboratories, central utility plants, and high-rise commercial buildings.


Global supplier of air conditioning technology systems and components

Solution Provided: LTG offers tailor-made solutions in air and air-conditioning technology.


Custom HVAC systems

Solution Provided: MarCraft® TRUCustom™ HVAC Systems provide customers with solutions to their any combination of construction materials, brands and component types, energy recovery, dehumidification, electrical/wiring and devices, environmental controls packages, in-house piping packages, and complete direct expansion systems – all with available factory performance verification testing.


Miura Boilers
Leading-edge boiler technology

Solution Provided: Miura Boilers is one of the largest industrial steam boiler manufacturers in the world. All Miura Boilers produce steam in five minutes using its exclusive floating head design, a revolutionary advancement that results in substantial oil and gas cost savings (up to 20% and more) on average


Cooling Towers
Solution Provided: For over 40 years, Mesan Group has engaged in the design and manufacturing of high quality, high efficiency evaporative cooling equipment. They manufacture CTI certified cooling towers, that include fiberglass and both galvanized and stainless steel construction. Mesan offers a broad range of products especially engineered for any particular market and climate conditions.


Provider of quality HVAC/R coatings and modifications

Solution Provided: MJC delivers custom solutions for HVAC modifications and coatings. The company’s offers multiple capabilities in its electrical, metal, welding, and refrigeration shops to meet the needs of its customers.


Custom-designed products, adapter curbs, specialty curbs, coil/hail guards, vibration/isolation rails, power exhaust systems, mixing boxes and economizers.

Solution Provided: HVAC accessories to obtain configurations and desired performance from existing and new equipment. Field modifications and accessories not done as a factory standard for some equipment.


Sustainable building solutions

Solution Provided: Energy-efficient, sustainable and safe building solutions, including: MicroGuard, HVAC/R energy-saving and corrosion protection coil coating; Super Therm, thermal insulation barrier for cool roofs and exterior ductwork; HPC, extreme temperature control coating for hot pipes and vessels; Rust Grip, one-coat encapsulation coating that effectively protects and extends the life of metal and concrete surfaces including pipes, cooling towers, and dunnage with one-third of the preparation and labor; and Atmos Air, which supplies side air purification through bi-polarization, which in turn saves energy by reducing outside air ventilation as per ASHRAE 62.1.


Environmental controls for commercial and industrial buildings

Solution Provided: The SEMCO FV (Fresh Air Ventilator) Series of outdoor air pre-conditioners has been specifically designed to reduce the energy required to heat or cool outdoor air by up to 80 percent. The FV pre-conditioner allows the HVAC system to effectively and economically accommodate the three-to-four-fold increase in outdoor air quantities, which is recommended by the ASHRAE Standard 62, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. Authorized service representative for existing SEMCO wheels and replacement wheel applications.

Sofame Technologies Inc.

SOFAME Technologies Inc.
Direct-contact natural gas, ultra high-efficiency boiler, condensing flue gas economizer, waste water heat recovery.

Solution Provided: Products reduce energy costs related to the production of hot water. The direct contact principle permits unequalled efficiencies and thus a short payback period. The technologies also contribute in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing a facility’s carbon footprint. SOFAME products do not require continuous supervision, as they are not pressure vessels. Their life-span expectancy is considerably longer than pressurized boilers and maintenance is minimal. All systems come with the most advanced controls and are equipped with a touch-screen displaying the system’s flow sheet and operating instructions.


Absorption cooling

Solution Provided: Thermax’s™ Absorption Machines are extremely cost-effective, efficient and easy to maintain. These machines are highly versatile as they can be driven by steam, hot water, oil, gas and waste heat sources. Sizes range from 100 tons up to 1400 tons on steam machines and up to 1100 tons on gas fired units. Tozour-Trane is the service provider for all of these machines in the area.

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Engineered HVAC equipment modifications for special applications; custom, adapter, vibration and siesmic roof curbs that meet IBC 2000 code requirements

Solution Provided: Equipment modifications and custom roofcurbs to satisfy unique design conditions.

TMI Hydronic Solutions

TMI Hydronic Solutions
Custom Packaged Hydronic Plants

Solution Provided: TMI delivers custom hydronic solutions, such as Custom DX Units, Variable Speed Pumping Systems, Custom Air Cooled Chillers, and a wide variety of Central Utility Plants.