Variable Refrigerant Flow

The Best Efficiencies

Industry-leading efficiency ratings of up to 31 IEER/30 SCHE come from the innovative Trane VRF design, high-performance variable-speed compressors and other advanced design features that also improve reliability and longevity.

Individual Zone Control

Trane® VRF technology makes it possible to give each room in a building individual heating and cooling control. Unused rooms’ climate controls can be switched off entirely. The result is exceptional comfort and efficiency.

Multiple Control Options

  • Zone level (Up to 16)
  • Centralized level (up to 128 indoor units)
  • Integrated building level (multiple VRF systems)
  • Integrated connectivity (for control using any web-connected device)

Integration with Trane Controls

Trane® VRF systems work seamlessly with Trane Tracer controls, which use exclusive algorithms to efficiently direct system operation—including multi-system installations that integrate Trane® VRF units with other Trane HVAC products.

Smaller footprint, No Ductwork

With smaller equipment size and refrigerant pipes instead of ductwork, Trane® VRF systems take up much less space than forced-air systems—a benefit that’s especially important in existing structures.

Quiet Operation

User-selectable night operation mode can reduce sound output even further: by up to 15db.

3,281 Foot Total Pipe Run

This maximum length exceeds the limitations of many competing systems; in many installations, a Trane® VRF system can occupy the rooftop instead of a mid-floor’s mechanical room, freeing up valuable interior floor space.

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