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Connected Campus: July 2016

Temple University Gets SMART Today’s building automation systems capture a plethora of data; however, turning that data into actionable information can take on a life of its own. Many education institutions have created an energy department or have hired consultants to conduct an energy audit, but that’s rarely the entire answer. Tozour Energy Systems has a different, and we believe, more effective approach—one that enables our technicians to fix problems, in addition to finding them. This approach is based on the International Energy Conservation Code which suggests that ideal temperatures be kept as close as possible to 71 degrees in winter and 74 degrees in summer. And while you might think that improvements in energy consumption are building-centric, Tozour believes and can demonstrate that the condition of your HVAC equipment is by far, the bigger factor—especially when you consider the age of existing equipment on campus. Furthermore, with campus expansions occurring at[...]