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Turn Up the Heat with Temporary Heating Equipment from Tozour Energy Systems

Oct. 28, 2016 — Autumn weather can be unpredictable, with temperatures all over the map and dangerous storms rolling through at a moment’s notice. The three Tozour Energy Systems Parts and Supplies locations across Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey have access to all of the commonly-needed rental items throughout the autumn months. Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event on a cold day, or have an emergency shutdown following a major storm, Tozour Energy Systems can provide the equipment you need, including: Temporary Heating Equipment: Provides additional heating for instances when a building or tented event space requires extra support. Generators: Get your building back up and running during an electrical outage. Chillers: Versatile, portable chiller – including MovinCool units – provide cooling support when a building’s current system is down, maintaining a safe environment for facility workers and occupants. “Every season brings its own challenges for commercial buildings and its occupants,” said Kevin Duffy,[...]

Tozour Energy Systems Breaks Down the Latest Refrigerant Legislation

Refrigerant Legislation Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a phase-out plan on several commonly-used, high-Global Warning Potential (GWP) refrigerants effective as early as 2021. Centrifugal chillers, positive displacement chillers, cold storage warehouses and other retail refrigeration equipment may be affected by this change. Common chiller refrigerants included under the new regulations include R-134a, R410A, R407C, R-245fa and more. In an effort to reduce the threat of harmful emissions affecting the local environment, the EPA has released new listings of safer substitutes to replace the newly prohibited refrigerants. Tozour Energy Systems has the product access and expertise to help you through this phase-out period and assist in ensuring your facility’s equipment is operating in accordance with these new regulations.