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Keep Warm with Tozour’s Emergency and Temporary Rentals

December 19, 2017 — During winter, keeping warm is a priority for business success, and Tozour Energy Systems is prepared to step in when the power goes out. Tozour offers emergency and temporary rentals to prevent hospitals, universities and any number of institutions from getting stuck in the cold. In addition to making work spaces comfortable, Tozour can provide heat for contractors during new construction. Not only does Tozour keep on the heat, but it also has solutions for other power needs. A wide selection of power generator rentals are available to maintain air filtration systems or for planned equipment swaps. Tozour offers a variety of rental services for temporary and emergency equipment, including the Voyager Package HVAC Units. Solutions include: Air Handling Units: Achieve higher energy efficiency and indoor air quality, while reducing maintenance requirements Diesel Generators Available for any high kilowatt need Electric Heaters: Clean, electric heat, free from moisture and fumes with either[...]