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Tozour Energy Systems Has the Key to Success for Property Managers

In real estate, smart business is the key to success. Tozour Energy Systems SMART services are helping property managers, developers and c-suite executives reach business success with more efficient and cost saving buildings. “Tozour is defining how buildings of the future will operate!” – Executive Vice President Frank Rhea. The Tozour SMART (Strategic Measurement And Response Technology) Center is where technology and experience meet to deliver measurable outcomes. Tozour has been on the forefront of the building automation world, and has helped clients save millions of dollars via their innovative approach to continuously measuring building systems performance and reacting to the data it receives. Background Tozour is a full-service HVAC and building automation provider and the Trane commercial equipment franchise for Philadelphia and South Jersey. More than a decade ago, Tozour recognized that data analytics would play a huge role in its future success and has implemented a strategy that places them on the industry[...]