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Tozour Energy Systems Helps Businesses Beat the Heat with Portable Air Conditioning Units

May 30, 2018 — As temperatures rise and the need to stay cool becomes a priority for business owners, Tozour Energy Systems offers flexible and cost-efficient equipment to prevent the heat from affecting daily operations. As the leading commercial HVAC and building automation provider in Philadelphia, Tozour offers portable air conditioning units for rent or purchase to keep offices chilled. Tozour has a variety of MovinCool portable air conditioning units designed to focus cool air where it is needed to keep things comfortable. For indoor environments with heat-generating electronics, the MovinCool Office Pro series provides self-contained, simple-to-install units for instant spot cooling to prevent computer systems from overheating and shutting down. The MovinCool portable air conditioning units provide immediate cooling when and where it is needed with little to no installation, saving businesses money. In addition, Tozour offers the MovinCool Classic and MovinCool Classic Plus series. Tozour offers industrial, commercial, education and health[...]