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Prepare for Weather Emergencies with Tozour Energy Systems Rentals

Chillers, generators and more keep buildings functioning during unpredictable end-of-summer season August 29, 2018 – This time of year brings unanticipated weather patterns and intense heat that can interrupt a business’ operations for a few hours to several days. When heavy storms or random power failures unexpectedly cause electrical outages, Tozour Energy Systems’ knowledgeable team and wide range of equipment are readily available to prepare and protect companies from unforeseeable issues. Tozour’s three Parts and Supplies locations in King of Prussia, Pa., Pleasantville, N.J. and Moorestown, N.J. provide everything from chillers to package units, while delivering outstanding customer service and technical support. In the summer months, many commercial buildings require supplemental or temporary cooling solutions, including: Generators: Get your building back up and running during electrical outages Chillers: Versatile, portable chiller units provide cooling support when a building’s current system isn’t working “This time of year can cause worry for business owners that the changing[...]