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Building Tune-Up

On June 20, 2019, Philadelphia City Council passed a bill requiring commercial building owners to conduct tune-ups of their energy and water systems. The legislation requires commercial building owners to complete low- and no-cost actions to make their buildings more efficient. These minor adjustments can result in 10-15% annual energy savings, more comfortable tenants, and lower chance of equipment failure.

Building Tune-Up Service

The experts at Tozour Energy Systems can help you prepare to meet the new standards for commercial buildings in Philadelphia. We will identify smart, responsible ways to reduce the energy use of your building and get your building automation and HVAC systems running at peak performance. This process will produce long-term energy savings, increase the lifespan of your equipment and reduce your carbon emissions.

Our Process

  1. Initial Reporting
    Tozour will conduct an examination of your building automation and HVAC systems to help identify opportunities for improvement. A report will be provided outlining our findings, including upgrade costs, estimated savings and projected return on investment.
  2. Review and Implementation
    We will review the report with you and arrange to perform the recommended enhancements.
  3. Verification and Hand-Off
    Tozour will conduct a follow-up review, collecting data to ensure your upgraded systems are performing as promised. Our report will be updated and provided to you as record of the improvements to your building. We are available to conduct training sessions with your building operations team to review system changes and how to keep the building running at peak performance.

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