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Women in HVAC

Innovative Strategies Foster Success for Women at Tozour Energy Systems

By Frank Rhea, Executive Vice President, Service, Energy and Contracting, Tozour Energy Systems

Tozour Energy Systems has been voted one of our area’s “Best Places to Work” by our employees in the Philadelphia Business Journal for five consecutive years. With 200 team members, we’re incredibly proud to be given this honor year after year. We continue to focus on growing our talent from within and helping individuals achieve the highest levels of professional success. Our leadership team is engaged in the hiring and development process for entry-level positions to ensure each Tozour team member is provided with all the necessary tools for professional success.

Women currently represent less than 25 percent of the workforce in the HVAC industry nationwide, according to data from U.S. Bureau of Labor – a statistic that has recently been circulating among the industry’s top trade publications. Presently, 34 percent of Tozour Energy Systems’ workforce is represented by women, many of whom act as project managers, sales leaders and more. By training and developing entry-level employees into HVAC industry experts, Tozour ensures fast growth for its capable, motivated group of team members, both men and women.

When Tozour Energy Systems felt the need to restructure its team base to enhance customer experiences, a special entry-level position was designed, called the customer service representative, or, CSR, to serve as the primary point of contact for our clients. The CSR role quickly became a massive aid to our evolving diversity by helping identify the strengths of new talent joining the company.

The CSR role was specifically created as a developmental position where employees learn the ins and outs of client advocacy and managing a portfolio of accounts, as well as receive training in operations and sales. CSRs have the opportunity to show off their technical, communications and relationship management skills. Individuals starting in CSR roles at Tozour have been primarily women, entering the company on the ground floor with a commitment to client service and developing into Tozour’s top project leaders. The role has become vital to our company-wide commitment to top client care.

Our staff comes from all backgrounds, with all different strengths that make them ideal candidates for leadership positions at the company. Evaluating incoming talent presents a challenge that requires particular attention in order to determine how a new employee can be put in the best position to thrive, which is addressed directly by the implementation of the CSR position. Individuals who have started in the CSR role have found success in leadership roles across all of the company’s departments, from accounting and sales, to project and service management. More than half of the technical service supervisors at Tozour Energy Systems are women who started as CSRs, compared to the six percent average of women holding such roles industry-wide.

Tozour Energy Systems’ concentrated effort on hiring the best and brightest has opened doors for women entering the HVAC industry, exceeding industry averages for women in leadership and paving the way for a more inclusive future for HVAC environments. We expect to continue to evolve our hiring practices and training to further diversify our talent and aid the success of women in this industry.

Companies in the HVAC or a service-minded industry can improve their diversity by being mindful in their recruiting practices and making a concentrated effort in developing from within their existing employee base with the implementation of an entry-level role such as the CSR. Everyone, from administrative positions, to tech roles, should be given the tools to become experts in the industry and achieve success in new and growing roles over time. By broadening horizons at the entry level, companies open the door to more diverse applicants, with unique backgrounds and skillsets that will aid in the success of your business on all levels.

Tozour Energy Systems is always looking to welcome new talent to its growing, successful team of industry experts. To learn more about career opportunities available at Tozour, visit our current openings page.