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Building Reopening

Tozour helped safely reopen a 50,000-square-foot office building, accommodating approximately 150 people, which had been closed during the pandemic. The indoor air quality (IAQ) was improved after Tozour’s SMART Services remotely diagnosed three rooftop units and implemented the following recommendations:

  • Increase outdoor air
  • Improve exhaust removal
  • Increase system runtime
  • Add filters

Tozour doubled the outdoor air entering the building by increasing it from 10% to 20%, and when coupled with contaminant removal, the air ventilation rate increased and indoor airflow improved.

Additionally, the system runtime increased by four hours, after the owner adjusted the occupancy schedule and allowed units to run longer, before and after people are in the building. Tozour also added exhaust fan scheduling to maintain building pressurization as well as trending to make sure humidity levels were maintained between 40% and 60%. Also, upgrading rooftop unit filters from MERV 8 to MERV 13 increased the percentage of virus particles captured (11% to 46%), reducing biological contaminates that enter the building.

In addition to helping the customer maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment, Tozour provides a full SMART report to track the building’s performance as well as ongoing diagnosis, and indoor air quality support services throughout each season to maintain proper indoor air settings. It’s a resource the owner uses to show employees and tenants the improvements made to help keep everyone healthy.


  • SMART Services
    • Data Analysis
  • System overview and performance verification
  •  Digital equipment inspections
    • Recommendations
  • Economizer set points
  • Runtime schedules
  • Setup trends
    • On-going diagnostics and support
      • Review space temperature and humidity
      • Alarms
      • On-demand remote support
    • Results/reports
  • Improved performance
  • Detailed summary
  • MERV13 filters
  • Increased percentage of virus particles captured      
  • Increased removal rates of synthetic and atmospheric dust