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AWeber Communications

AWeber Communications Office


AWeber Corporate Headquarters


Commercial office
Building features two slides, a biowall and all-natural cafeteria
71,000 square feet

State-of-the-art communications company, AWeber, needed an equally innovative control system to match its high-tech, modern office. The Daimler Chrysler building in Chalfont, PA was completely renovated to become home to this company’s unique headquarters. AWeber partnered with Tozour directly to make sure the job would get done right. The upgrade included a completely new set of Tozour-Trane Controls with 3D graphics packages for monitoring all of the equipment in the building, from VAV boxes to rooftop units. Tozour utilized the Tridium Niagara platform to ensure the wireless controls would be seamlessly integrated into the building’s system for the technology-focused team at AWeber. Now, AWeber’s building controls are as sleek and stylish as their workspace.

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