Hamilton Clocktower

Hamilton Clocktower Corporate Center

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Corporate Center
Wireless Controls


Hamilton Clocktower Corporate Center
Three-Building Corporate Campus
169,000 sq ft

Partner Firms:

D.J. Wagner HVAC, Inc., Westville, NJ
David J Brill & Associates, Doylestown, PA


Trane Unitary
Trane Terminal Devices
Trane Wireless Control System


With one building complete, another under construction, and one in blueprint, Hamilton wanted to employ easier and more cost-effective controls upgrades for its building expansion projects. Tozour recommended Trane wireless communication (Trane Air-Fi) to lower the cost, decrease installation time, and meet production schedules. The absence of wires also means that sensors can be located wherever they can detect actual workspace conditions. The technology replaces the need for wired building controls, allowing installations to be completed quickly and on time—with less disruption to building occupants. Furthermore, this high tech approach aligns perfectly with Hamilton’s ultra-modern corporate center.