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Cheyney University required an emergency replacement of two tankless water heaters in the Living Learning Center, which houses 300 students on campus. This was one of several emergencies the university faced over a cold weekend in early February. Due to frigid temperatures and for student safety, the situation needed to be resolved immediately. 

Tozour is a service partner of Cheyney University, working on various maintenance, repair and building automation solutions for its campus. As part of Tozour’s building operation services (BOS), Tozour provides two technicians to the university daily. Prior to the breakdown, Tozour worked with another vendor to provide temporary solutions for ongoing issues. Based on its strong relationship, Cheyney called on Tozour to assess the emergency.


The Tozour team quickly determined that the only solution was to replace the tankless water heaters as soon as possible. One boiler, an AERCO high-efficiency tankless water heater, was needed immediately. Tozour sourced a new one several hours away, and despite the inclement weather, the team picked up and delivered the boiler to Cheyney for same-day installation. The dorm’s hot water was restored and the around-the-clock attention continued with 24/7 supervision to ensure the boiler was fully operational with no additional problems. Tozour also prepped for the second AERCO boiler installation, which was easily completed a short time after the incident.


Thanks to Tozour technicians, Tozour was aware of the preexisting problems and reacted quickly and decisively when it received the emergency call. Locating, obtaining and installing the first water heater helped put the dorm back online as soon as possible. The AERCO boiler’s delivery of instantaneous hot water and compact footprint made it a good fit for Cheyney, in addition to saving energy and lowering operating costs for the university.

Tozour’s expertise and execution gave university officials peace of mind and allowed students to return to their normal routines during a challenging time.  The repairs, along with the ongoing supervision, further solidified Tozour’s relationship with Cheyney University.



  • 300 resident dormitory
  • 2 tankless water heater replacements


AERCO Innovation 1060 high-efficiency tankless water heaters installed