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Temple University

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Temple University


Nine buildings on university campus
Serves more than 35,000 Students


Energy Audit
SMART Services

Temple University, located in North Philadelphia, operates buildings ranging from student housing to science labs. Energy efficiency is key not only for the comfort of students and staff, but also the school’s bottom line. Nine of the campus’s buildings are connected to Tozour Energy Systems’ SMART Services, which monitors all major functions of the buildings’ operating systems. When it seemed like these facilities were no longer performing at peak efficiency levels, Tozour performed an energy audit and reviewed all of the available data with the customer to determine an appropriate solution. Tozour analyzed the overall performance of Temple’s equipment and determined too much outside air was entering the buildings, and the heating and cooling systems were operating at a lower set point at unnecessary times, such as evenings and weekends.

Through conditioned-based maintenance, the SMART Services team was able to collect data, review findings and determine functional alternatives that optimize building performance, and help building operators save on energy costs.