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Contingency Planning

We can help you build a plan to keep your operations up and running

When an unexpected building emergency happens, businesses need a playbook to keep disruptions to a minimum and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Creating a contingency plan is the first step in making your facility emergency-ready. Tozour will help you identify risks and review your system and its connections so temporary equipment can be installed quickly when failure happens.

Our team will work closely with you to assess your risk and have the right backup systems and strategies in place to activate on a moment’s notice.

Risk Analysis and Assessment

Many aspects of facility management can be handled proactively through proper design and ongoing maintenance. However, there may be times when unexpected events such as natural disasters, mechanical failures, power outages or fire can leave you scrambling.

An unexpected outage can cause:

  • Loss of revenue
  • Damage to computers and other sensitive equipment
  • Uncomfortable working environments
  • Poor productivity

Tozour can help. We work closely with you to identify, prioritize and mitigate your building’s risk.

Create Equipment Inventory

Tozour will document all the equipment in your HVAC and power systems, including their operating conditions. This way we can identify any problems that need to be addressed as your contingency plan is implemented.

Identify Energy Loads and Process Requirements

We prioritize your most important facility energy loads and processes based on your building’s data. This helps you maintain essential business operations.

A Plan Based on Your Unique Needs

We incorporate all of our insights into a plan that covers everything including:

  • Load prioritization
  • Load-shed strategies
  • Use of additional temporary equipment such as generators, chillers, and air handlers
  • And more

We cover all the important details. We find out how and where to connect into the system, document power availability, and where to set up temporary equipment.

A Proposal and Ongoing Review

Tozour will provide a complete plan proposal that includes our team’s recommendations, equipment requirements, total investment, budget figures for temporary solutions including first-time and recurring costs, and detailed roles and responsibilities for internal and external resources.

Creating and implementing a plan is just the beginning, as Tozour is with you for every step. To avoid delays if an emergency occurs, we help you complete all necessary documentation, such as purchase orders and rental agreements. We also continue to review the plan with you to ensure it meets your business’s evolving needs.

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