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Cool Tools from Tozour Energy Systems

April 25, 2017 — With spring here and summer right around the corner, Tozour Energy Systems Parts and Supplies has the tools to keep offices and rooms cool when temperatures rise. As the Philadelphia area’s leading commercial HVAC and building automation provider, Tozour has portable air conditioners for purchase or rent when the heat threatens daily operations.

The Movin’Cool® Office Pro Series are specifically designed for offices filled with heat-generating electronics. Computer cooling is critical to prevent networks, communications and office equipment from shutting down when things heat up.

The portable equipment cools the area or room that needs it, saving companies money. The self-contained and portable units don’t require costly installation—simply roll it in, plug it in and turn it on. Tozour’s offerings also include the Movin’Cool® Classic and Classic Plus Series.

Tozour offers industrial, commercial, education and healthcare institutions a wide array of cooling solutions that provide one to five tons of cooling. Tozour’s Parts and Supplies locations in King of Prussia, Pa., Pleasantville, N.J. and Moorestown, N.J have the following models available for purchase or rent:

The Movin’Cool® Office Pro Series

Office Pro 18
  • Cooling Cap. BTU/hr: 16,800
  • Dimensions HxDxW (in.): 47x26x19
  • Operating Conditions: 65—105°
Office Pro 60
  • Cooling Cap. BTU/hr: 59,500
  • Dimensions HxDxW (in.): 64x52x30
  • Operating Conditions: 65—105°

Movin’Cool® Classic and Classic Plus Series

Classic 10
  • Cooling Cap. BTU/hr: 10,000
  • Dimensions HxDxW (in.): 41x26x19
  • Operating Conditions: 68—105°
Classic 60
  • Cooling Cap. BTU/hr: 60,000
  • Dimensions HxDxW (in.): 42x49x32
  • Operating Conditions: 75—115°

“This is the time of year when temperatures can jump up quickly and catch maintenance teams off guard,” said Kevin Duffy, President of Tozour Energy Systems. “Tozour’s rental and sales team have the right equipment to make sure commercial buildings and offices remain cool and protect companies’ electronic investments.”

In addition to providing outstanding customer service and a 24/7 maintenance team, Tozour is giving away a $25 VISA gift card for each Movin’Cool® unit purchased or rented during May.

Tozour Energy Systems is the factory authorized Trane parts and supplies provider in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. This gives customers exclusive access to a team of dedicated service technicians, as well as an inventory of Trane cooling rental equipment, parts and supplies. For more information and to learn how Tozour experts can help your building save costs and energy, please visit tozourenergy.com.