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We Practice What We Preach

Conservation Is in Our DNA
Tozour Energy Systems’ state-of-the-art, LEED®-CI certified headquarters—completed in April 2010—hosts over 50 customer visits each year and scores an excellent 86 ENERGY STAR rating.

Tozour Energy Systems Sales Office

Lighting with Intelligent Efficiency
Tozour’s lights feature the latest in parabolic design, reducing the number of light fixtures needed by one-third for a building our size. The fixtures are also equipped with sun harvesting centers, which auto-adjust to take advantage of outdoor sunlight, or lack of it. Automated light switches turn off when there is no activity in the room; additionally, TES opted for a manual override to turn them on, which reduces energy usage further. Window film provides even more energy savings and cuts down on glare.

Tozour Energy Stars
Every electrical appliance and machine in our building is ENERGY STAR rated – even the vending machines! Our building automation system (BAS) saves energy by:

  • Scheduling to ensure building systems are not running outside of reasonable hours of use and building occupancy
  • Insuring setpoints meet the IECC (International Energy Conservation Code), when occupied and unoccupied
  • Utilizing control system sequences like Supply Air Reset, which changes the discharge air based on the outside air temperature, and Critical Zone Reset that adjusts air pressure and discharge temperature to meet the space requirements
  • Activating the economizer to use free cooling, as needed

Additionally, the system continuously mines and measures operating data—optimizing the building’s performance. In the event of a power outage, Tozour’s backup power keeps TES on line and available to our clients 24x7x365.

98% Recycled Content is A Reality
In the redesign of the building, Tozour retained as much of the existing structure as possible, so it wouldn’t be necessary to tear out sheetrock and other materials. 98% of everything removed during construction was recycled! Any new materials brought into the building were also made of recycled content—including floors, furniture, paint, wall coverings and fabrics.

Water Conservation to The Max
Tozour uses low-flow devices and waterless urinals, saving an average of 40,000 gallons of water each year.

We’re All About Local
More than 95% of all construction material come from regional manufacturers, including architectural window shades, ergonomic furniture, carpets, wall coverings, and fabrics. Tozour also tapped local contractors to build out its headquarters.