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Dedicated Air Solutions

Horizon Dedicated Air Solutions

Horizon™ Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Trane® Horizon dedicated air solutions condition 100 percent outdoor air — improving indoor air quality, controlling relative humidity and reducing the load on other HVAC equipment in a building.

Why Horizon™ dedicated outdoor air systems?

  • Higher indoor air quality — Horizon™ dedicated outdoor air systems improve indoor air quality by properly conditioning and filtering the outdoor air required to ventilate a building.
  • Lower overall HVAC energy use — Horizon™ dedicated outdoor air systems efficiently condition outdoor air and reduce the load on local HVAC equipment.
  • Smaller local HVAC equipment — When Horizon™ dedicated outdoor air systems deliver outdoor air that’s either at a cooler temperature or at a lower dew point than room-neutral air, the local cooling equipment — such as fan coils, water-source heat pumps, VRF terminals, etc. — can be smaller.
  • Effective humidity control —Horizon™ dedicated outdoor air systems are optimized for efficient humidity control, which improves occupant comfort.
  • A variety of HVAC solutions — Horizon™ dedicated outdoor air systems can be easily integrated with a wide variety of other HVAC systems — or used in a standalone application, such as a kitchen.
  • Improved indoor air quality and reduced energy use — plus all the performance and reliability you expect from Trane.