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Greater Philadelphia Gets Back to Work with Healthier Buildings

Tozour Energy Systems features clean air solutions for commercial buildings and schools

KING OF PRUSSIA, Pa. — June 1, 2021 — The lifting of virtually all “Safer-at-Home” restrictions on Wednesday, June 2, means Philadelphia’s reopening is nearly complete. How can businesses and building owners help employees feel good about returning to work? There’s a new solution in the air.

As working face-to-face — hybrid or otherwise — makes a comeback, owners and facility managers are eager for people to return to healthy buildings where indoor environmental safety is the top priority. To ensure a confident return to work or school, many building owners are turning to Tozour Energy Systems to provide custom HVAC solutions and clean-air programs.

Tozour’s “Healthy Buildings” initiative produces a healthier and safer indoor environment by applying air cleaning solutions, equipment, and controls. This holistic approach to building wellness provides reassurance to those returning to the workplace, while keeping energy costs low.

As the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding areas lift pandemic-mandated building capacity limits, employers are tasked with making buildings safer as well as motivating employees to return to the office after a year-plus of working remotely. Tozour understands each building owners’ unique needs and can help businesses make the right improvements to reopen with confidence.

As a trusted partner, Tozour’s successful and comprehensive reopening plans for offices, schools and campuses include the following:

Building Assessment

A healthy indoor environment is created by establishing optimal air quality, temperature and humidity, acoustics, lighting, and more. Tozour’s experts assess a building’s unique needs and make recommendations on improving the atmosphere for everyone’s well-being.

Tozour’s Indoor Air Quality Assessment and Building Tune-Up Services help owners and facility managers identify smart, cost-effective ways to improve a building’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and ventilation, while minimizing the overall the building’s energy use.

Implementation of Healthy Building Solutions

After assessing a building, the Tozour team will supply and install a number of custom and efficient solutions that will optimize indoor environmental quality.  Improved ventilation, filtration, air flow and biodefense solutions are part of a holistic approach that makes buildings safer.  As the Trane commercial franchise for the area, Tozour offers world-class Trane HVAC engineering and technology solutions in addition to those from several other leading manufacturers.  With the breadth and depth of knowledge, Tozour offers its customers a variety of top-tier solutions that meet their specific needs.

Among Tozour’s myriad solutions is a new, exclusive partnership with Integrated Viral Protection (IVP), which provides the world’s only biodefense system proven to destroy COVID-19 and anthrax spores instantaneously in a single filter pass without impacting the ambient air. IVP is also the only air-cleaning device tested and approved by the FDA.

Ongoing Building Supervision for a Healthy Future

Once a building is working at peak performance, Tozour’s SMART Services provide peace of mind with remote, real-time air-quality supervision of volatile organic compounds and other air pollutants. Tozour’s supervision includes continuous performance measurements of multiple systems throughout buildings and campuses to find hidden or unnoticed system performance problems and to avoid costly outages.

Tozour’s data collection with continuous diagnostics helps owners create a proactive maintenance plan to reduce failures and control overall costs. Comparing building assessment results against real-time data gives facility managers up-to-the-minute performance feedback to ensure a healthy, safe, and efficient building.



Tozour Energy Systems is a full-service HVAC and building automation provider based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and is a franchise of Trane, a business of Trane Technologies. The company provides customers with a diverse range of solutions, including building automation; HVAC mechanical services; energy conservation services; and parts, supplies and responsive technical support throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Named one of the “Best Places to Work” by the Philadelphia Business Journal, Tozour Energy Systems is a member of Green Building United. For more information, visit tozourenergy.com.


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