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Indoor Air Quality

Our Indoor Air Quality Assessment is a data-driven analysis of how effectively your building’s indoor air quality adheres to the latest industry recommendations for operating HVAC systems with a focus on the four key contributors to air quality:

  • Dilute – making sure plenty of fresh outdoor air dilutes the buildup of indoor contaminants through proper ventilation
  • Exhaust – getting exhaust air out is equally important, especially air from kitchens, restrooms and combustion systems
  • Contain – keeping indoor humidity levels within the ASHRAE-recommended range maximizes occupant comfort and reduces the risk of microbial growth
  • Clean – reducing particles, odors, or micro-organisms, such as mold, bacteria and viruses

Where possible we will conduct the assessment remotely through your building automation system (BAS). All on-site assessments of the physical environment will be performed following all currently recommended safety guidelines. When completed, your Account Manager will review the assessment results and share a detailed IAQ assessment report that includes strategic recommendations to help meet industry requirements.

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