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Managing Your Building Remotely with SMART Services

COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders continue to affect us all – as individuals and as communities in unprecedented ways. We understand the interruption to your business can cause anxiety and is a disruption for you and your team. 

While we all work through these new challenges, we want you to know Tozour Energy Systems offers facilities support to assist you during this pandemic. 

Empty buildings are problematic for operations teams and Tozour’s SMART Services can be a valuable tool. SMART provides 24/7 analytics to insure your equipment is running efficiently, identifies potential problems before they happen, and reduces building downtime and service truck rolls. 

SMART digital services can assist with:

  • Limited building access and reduced staffing
  • Remote critical systems supervision
  • Unnecessary energy consumption
  • Performance level compliance

We can supervise your HVAC and mechanical equipment remotely through SMART Services and help you:

  • Manage and supervise alarms and schedules
  • Supervise and improve HVAC performance
  • Perform preventative maintenance
  • Remotely diagnose systems, make recommendations and resolve problems
  • Provide a second hand when needed

If you have questions about any of these offerings or would like to discuss other HVAC needs, contact us at 610-962-1600 or fill out the form below.

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