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Energy savings

Peak Load Management

Did you know that your monthly energy bill includes up to a 15-20% capacity charge based on your energy consumption? This charge is based on your usage during the top five peak demand hours from the previous summer. Since this charge is not itemized, many businesses don’t know how or when to reduce their energy consumption.

Energy savings

What are ‘peak demand’ times?

During the hottest times of the year, when your HVAC system is working its hardest, utility companies determine time intervals where the energy demand for a given locality is at its highest rate.

If your building is pulling a lot from the grid during these times not only do you pay for the energy demand at that time, but you are assessed an annual charge in the future that’s based on your building’s demand during those peak demand times.

Energy Demand Response

Having energy demand response capabilities in your energy management strategy assures your building is fully optimized and cost-efficient. Tozour partners with you to understand your goals and uses our knowledge of demand response opportunities in the local utility market to define an equipment specific plan.

Our expert energy team evaluates upcoming utility energy demand requirements and will alert you to potential peak demand surcharges. This way you can modify system operation during that time to save money.

The Peak Load Management Program by Tozour Energy Systems can help your facility reduce consumption during peak times. Avoiding the capacity charge on your energy bill. We simply connect remotely to your building and schedule a load reduction during peak demand hours.