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Prevent Frozen HVAC Coils with Tozour Energy Systems’ Solution

Cooney Coil Freeze Block technology keeps units running in the bitter cold

Dec. 17, 2018 — One thing to consider heading into the winter season is potential HVAC equipment failures caused by frozen HVAC coils. Whether used in new construction or as an emergency replacement after a freeze-up, Cooney Coil Freeze Block technology is a Tozour solution designed to prevent coil damage during freezing conditions.

Freeze damage is one of the leading causes of coil failure. Tozour’s inclusion of Cooney Coil Freeze Block technology in new construction and retrofit coils for chilled water coil systems virtually eliminates frozen coils and the damage that is caused. This technology is available in all air handler units sold by Tozour.

“Water can freeze and rupture a coil in minutes, often faster than you can respond to a freeze stat alarm,” said Bill Artosky, Vice President of Sales at Tozour Energy Systems. “The Cooney Coil helps eliminate this issue, as well as potential flooding and the associated damage.”

How It Works

When water freezes and expands, excessive pressure often causes coils to rupture and may result in flooding. Consequentially, coil replacements, maintenance, system downtime and building repairs often add up to major expenses.

The freeze block technology combines expansion headers with pressure and temperature relief, so in addition to protecting coils, there’s no damage to tubes or return bends when there’s a freeze. The Cooney Coil allows operators to address any system issue with custom pressure and temperature settings, and coil materials are based on the customer’s specifications.