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Remote Services

Maintain confidence in your building’s HVAC system from a distance

As we adjust to the new normal we are living and working in, the need for lower-touch building service has become more important than ever. Being able to effectively manage and maintain your building systems from afar is a critical step to providing your employees, customers and building visitors the level of comfort necessary to return to your space.

Tozour SMART Services can provide you with reduced-contact building maintenance and management through our connected building automation systems. Technology advancements continue to expand the tasks that once required a truck roll and on-site support.

Our SMART Service Specialists can:

  • Regularly review your building systems to identify potential problems before they cause downtime or equipment failures
  • Adjust setpoints and schedules to accom-modate changing building occupancy to avoid unnecessary and costly runtime
  • Set rules for remote remediation of issues automatically, based on your predeter-mined operational standards
  • Assure that when you need on-site service the team is prepared with the right tools and parts to complete the necessary service in one trip, reducing truck rolls and time spent in your building

The visibility to know your building is operating as expected

With a SMART Service Agreement, you and your account manager can work together to determine the right remote service approach for you. From a one-time remote diagnostic inspection to an ongoing 24/7 remote surveying and management agreement, Tozour SMART Service provides you flexibility to focus your resources on areas that are mission-critical for your building operation and more importantly, for your business.

All remote services will start with a review of your HVAC and building automation systems to determine what we can access and control in your building.

This starting point can identify legacy or third-party equipment and controls that may be able to be migrated into your connected BAS, enabling virtually anytime, anywhere access. Our latest generation connected unit controls can often be added to further increase the reach of your networked HVAC and controls systems.

You can’t manage what you can’t see

Remote Service inspections use the data trending and logging capabilities of your building automation system to create site-specific baselines. Documentation of your normal operating parameters—including guidance for vacancy or partial occupancy—assures that everyone who works on your system has a shared understanding of your targets.

Our Remote Service Specialists will work with you to:

  • Check temperature and humidity set points throughout your building
  • Confirm HVAC schedules are set to align with current building hours of operation and occupancy levels
  • Identify equipment that has fallen out of spec and use root-cause analysis to determine why

We’ll take direction from you— and ensure your system performs

Working within the parameters you set for alarm notification and resolution, we will be on alert to respond, adjusting your system to return it to peak performance—assuring your occupants are comfortable and your energy spend is efficient.

Save energy costs by:

  • Restoring manually overwritten set points to their optimal settings
  • Creating exception schedules or timed overrides to accommodate temporary changes in your building usage—like a reduced workforce or extended business hours for a staggered shift schedule
  • Empowering tenants or occupants to schedule extended hours for when they’ll be in the building—allowing your system to run in occupied modewhen your tenants are there and in unoccupied mode when they aren’t

It’s a new world for your building too. By enabling remote service with connected building technology, you can rest assured that you will be prepared for whatever comes next.