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Spring Into Action and Replace Inefficient Boilers with Tozour Energy Systems’ AERCO Products

April 17, 2018 — Did you know that spring is the perfect time to assess and consider replacing out-of-date, inefficient heating systems in your building? With winter in the rearview mirror, boilers may be the last thing on the minds of building owners and facilities managers, but now is the time to think about upgrading.AERCO products

Tozour Energy Systems, Philadelphia’s leading commercial HVAC and building automation provider, offers solutions with AERCO’s Benchmark Platinum high-efficiency line, the most compact boiler in the HVAC industry.

AERCO has been an industry leader in water heating design for more than 65 years. The Platinum models are a condensing, tank-less boiler with dual returns to enable maximum efficiency and application flexibility. The largest boiler can produce up to 6 million BTU/hour and can be fit through a standard exterior doorway.

“We’re all excited about warmer temperatures, but building owners and maintenance managers should consider a new boiler now,” said Kevin Duffy, president of Tozour Energy Systems. “Our expert AERCO team will help get high-quality, energy-saving heating systems to our clients in preparation for next season. In addition, the new tax depreciation rules may provide excellent tax treatment for this investment!”

Tozour’s AERCO products sales team includes Bob Knopf and Kevin Stepp, who service the eastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware territories. Knopf, owner direct sales specialist, focuses on retrofit opportunities for boilers, water heaters and automation systems. Stepp is a vendor product sales specialist who works directly with mechanical contractors and consulting engineers to specify and install heating and pumping products in the construction markets.

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