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Successful Reopening

As you prepare to reopen your buildings, you may have a lot of questions and concerns. We are here to help. We have an action plan to help you feel confident when reopening your building and our team is available to give you the insight and expertise you are looking for.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) will be more important than ever. An IAQ Assessment will give you better insight into your current air quality and how to improve it. Our team will examine and provide data in four critical areas that influence indoor air quality. Then we’ll create an action plan that you can use to improve your IAQ.

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Energy Check Up

The pause to businesses has created a challenging economic landscape. Now more than ever, owners need their buildings to operate efficiently and sustainably. An energy check up can help you find areas of inefficiency and discover opportunities to save money.

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System Startup Services

After your buildings have been left unoccupied for so long it can be difficult to ramp up again. Avoid issues with your HVAC system with our System Startup Service. Tozour experts will go over your system comprehensively to ensure it operates reliably and at optimal levels. We’ll look at everything from air quality to air handlers, air cooled systems, chillers and boilers to cooling towers, exhaust fans and your building automation system. We’ll test, clean and address any problems to ensure your system runs the way it should.

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Remote Services

Tozour’s SMART Services, can review your system remotely and ensure you’re not overlooking any problems or missing out on opportunities for improvement.

Our Remote Services can provide you with reduced-contact building maintenance and management through our connected building automation systems. Technology advancements continue to expand the tasks that once required a truck roll and on-site support.

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