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System Startup Services

Building overview

Reopen confidently with Tozour System Startup Services

As you begin to reopen facilities, our team can help you prepare. Quickly restarting a dormant building can lead to costly equipment malfunctions and poor indoor air quality. Tozour’s System Startup Services include a comprehensive examination of your system and its main components to help you reopen your building with confidence.

Optimize your building HVAC systems for reopening

We’ll work with you to create a site-specific startup plan that may include a review of the following systems and equipment:

  • Air side – Clean, test and evaluate the entire air handling system prior to restarting; including condensate drains, upgrade to MERV-13 air filters, return air grills and exhaust fan intake grills
  • Chillers/Boilers – Take water samples on close loops and sample for appropriate chemical levels; test glycol systems; cycle chiller/boiler to run until set point reached; run chilled and condenser water pumps for chillers and test full load capabilities of system
  • Cooling towers – Check basin heaters; check and verify liquid level floats and switches for accuracy and operation; check and clear evaporative pans; check belts or pulleys for wear; change oil in gearbox if necessary; inspect vibration safety switch
  • Air compressors – Check oil level, drive belts and pulleys; test relieve valve; check tank auto drain
  • Exhaust fans – Check all belts and motors, lubricate where necessary; note exhaust fan discharges
  • Building automation system – Check settings and schedules against occupancy changes
  • Energy analytics – Optimize building energy use based on occupancy levels

Assess and optimize your indoor air quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important factor for your facility. An Indoor Air Quality Assessment will evaluate your current IAQ and provide fact-driven recommendations on how to improve it. We’ll take direction from you—and ensure your system performs.

Lock in better performance with flexible service agreements

We have a full range of occupancy-based solutions for any type of building, and a network of factory-trained technicians and industry-leading service tools. We’re here for you, whether for a one-time maintenance need or to proactively manage and care for your HVAC system. Our flexible service agreements provide the level of service you want and need.

Remote support and diagnostics for easier change management

These days, you don’t need to be on-site to spot a problem. With today’s building automation systems and connected technology, remote monitoring and support saves time and can help avoid costly HVAC downtime. You set the parameters, we’ll monitor the system, troubleshoot problems and alert you if on-site service is necessary.