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Tozour Energy Systems Ramps Up AERCO Product Line After BAASE Acquisition

August 2, 2017 — Tozour Energy Systems (TES), Philadelphia’s leading commercial HVAC and building automation provider, continues its expansion of product offerings which includes AERCO boilers, Weil pumps, Thrush heat exchangers, pumps and expansion tanks. Tozour’s recent acquisition of The Baase Company of Warminster, Pennsylvania has created the opportunity for TES to offer high-quality heating systems and parts to Tozour and Baase clients.

Tozour’s commitment to saving energy through cooling lines and building controls has expanded into high-quality heating systems. The addition of AERCO’s full product line increases Tozour’s ability to reduce overall heating costs and provide smaller, more efficient boiler systems for clients. The Modulex EXT boiler, Esteem 399 wall-hung boiler and AM series boiler and water heater are just some of the AERCO products and parts that are available.

“Offering AERCO lines to our clients helps us expand our service, parts and energy savings mission in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas,” said Kevin Duffy, president of Tozour Energy Systems. “Reducing energy consumption and saving customers money are two of our top priorities.”

Saving energy is one major reason why AERCO has been an industry leader in water heating design for more than 65 years. AERCO was the first boiler company to introduce condensing, fully modulating boilers, and the company continues to improve upon its advanced designs. From the smallest elementary school to the largest hotels, AERCO provides the highest-quality products and system designs that deliver energy-saving, compact space heating with the greatest efficiency and performance.

The addition of AERCO boilers is the perfect complement to Tozour’s success as an air conditioning, service, building automation and parts company. Tozour is the factory-authorized Trane parts and supplies provider in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. This gives customers exclusive access to a team of dedicated service technicians, as well as an inventory of Trane cooling rental equipment, parts and supplies.