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Trane R’newal Service Programs

Extend the Life of Your Chiller

Trane engineers its chillers to last a long time. Planned chiller upgrades can help:

  • Extend the useful life of your chiller
  • Increase reliability
  • Restore or gain efficiency
  • Simplify the operation of your chiller with new controls

Replacement of a chiller is a big financial investment. Before making that leap, consider some of the Trane R’newal services we offer.

Series R and CenTraVac R’newal

HVAC equipment will experience wear and tear over time. Our Series R and CenTraVac R’newal service tackles the common causes of performance decline. Our approach can reduce downtime, increase reliability, and extend the life of your chiller. This factory-warranted overhaul service includes new Trane parts, a new serial number, and the knowledge of our authorized Trane technicians.

Chiller Controls Upgrade

Your chiller may have been manufactured a long time ago. That doesn’t mean your controls have to be old. We offer controls upgrades that provide an intuitive interface that improves your chiller’s performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Refrigerant Upgrade for CentraVac

Converting seamlessly to a new refrigerant requires detailed compatibility assessments and OEM knowledge of the equipment. Trane has identified R-514A as the optimal next-generation refrigerant for replacement and now provides a comprehensive Engineered Conversion service to owners of CenTraVac® chillers that shipped with R-123. Since R-123 can be manufactured for service use until 2030, you have the luxury of deciding if and when it makes the most business sense to convert to R-514A. R-123 still provides industry-leading GWP values and is fully compliant with environmental regulations.

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