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Ultra Violet “C” (UVC) Lamps

As building owners look for additional ways to keep occupants safe and healthy, there’s more attention to the ways air-distribution systems are viewed in commercial and institutional buildings. There are several options to help keep the air in our buildings cleaner and fighting pathogens. Ultra Violet Lighting is one of the best and cost-effective options.

Germicidal-grade Ultra Violet “C” (UVC) Lamps have been used for decades and have proven to be very effective against various types of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) that can be present inside your air-distribution systems. Testing has shown UVC to be 99% to 99.99% effective in inactivating various types of viruses. Because virus particles are extremely small compared to the other types of VOCs, UVC light is more effective than traditional air filtration.

Tozour Energy Systems has experience in providing clients with the correct type and configuration of UVC lamps to ensure the proper dose of UVC that will have the best chance of inactivating any airborne pathogens. Tozour also provides customers with proper designs and installations of UVC Lamps in existing HVAC equipment.

If you have any questions about UVC lamps, where to use them, or how they could work for your commercial building, please reach out today for a free assessment of your existing infrastructure.

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