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Man pointing at Trane building controls

Building Automation Systems

Buildings today require smart technology to more efficiently manage your buildings. Tozour provides building automation systems that give you the flexibility to manage your buildings more efficiently and cost effective.

Tracer® SC+ and Synchrony™

Trane Tracer SC+ is a powerful building automation system for your facility that will integrate systems and give you better control over comfort and energy efficiency.  Tracer SC+ ships with TracerSynchrony – a modern, intuitive User Interface (UI). 

Tracer Synchrony is accessible from PCs, tablets and smart phones, so you can manage system performance whenever and wherever it is convenient. The intuitive interface provides improved efficiencies, increased tenant comfort and reduced energy costs.

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Tracer Concierge™

The Trane Tracer Concierge system provides an affordable way for building owners to gain simplified building automation for their facility. Tracer Concierge goes beyond just managing individual rooms. You can run HVAC and lighting systems simply and smartly from one interface.

  • Get feature-rich functionality and advanced capabilities of building automation — right out of the box.
  • Simplify control and operation to saves you time in making changes.
  • Easier and faster installation. Trane® Air-Fi® wireless technology eliminates wired components between devices, reducing installation complexity and time.
  • Easy to integrate devices and leverage equipment you already have. Concierge is built on an a open standard platform offering added flexibility.

Building automation can improve performance and efficiency and helps maintain occupant comfort for your facility. Tracer Concierge provides advanced capabilities compared to a traditional programmable thermostat — without added complexity. The result is an easy-to-use, affordable system that offers energy savings, decreased maintenance and worry-free operation.

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Equipment and Unit Controls

Our wide range of controllers can address virtually any application. They are compatible with a variety of building and system types, whether your projects are new construction or retrofits. Tozour Automation delivers flexibility, capability, and ease of use for effective and reliable control.

We also eliminate the need for a keyboard or mouse and provide on-the-go control options. We offer an intuitive graphical user interface that can serve as a standalone controls system for air handling units, boilers, cooling towers, chiller plants and more!

Controls include:

  • Airside Controllers
  • Chiller Controllers
  • Wireless Communication
  • General Controllers
  • Variable Frequency Drives

Wireless Technology

Bring maximum flexibility to your building automation system with Trane Air-FiTM wireless technology. The Trane Air-Fir system significantly simplifies building controls projects by replacing the wired communication link for Tracer™ building automation systems that support BACnet open protocols, providing wireless connectivity to sensors for easy installation.

Energy Systems Integration Solutions

Tozour offers Trane BAS R’newal™ service program. This program allows you to make your existing building automation system more effective by leveraging the equipment and systems you already have in place. Take advantage of new technologies and capabilities while maximizing existing assets.

The BAS R’newal service program is a comprehensive solution designed to improve building performance and efficiency. This energy systems integration solution incorporates bringing performance into alignment with your current needs. Performance reporting will see how the program has impacted your business, identify additional opportunities to maximize your investment, and help plan for the life cycle of your building.

SMART Services

Tozour SMART Services include alerts, comprehensive reporting, custom support, and remote systems adjustments. Learn more on our SMART Services page.