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Connected Building Solutions

Raise Your Results with Outcome-Driven Buildings

Buildings today are full of hidden potential. They have energy coursing through their veins—heating, cooling, lighting. This energy produces data, and that data is like a language waiting to be translated.

What Can Connected Building Solutions do for you?

Save energy. Save money. Keep people comfortable. Increase uptime. Provide the data you need to make key operational decisions that are aligned to desired business outcomes—and then document the results.

Command your building from anywhere—dashboards and mobile interfaces allow you to securely access current information and run systems from anywhere, giving you more freedom and making you more productive.

Integrate more building systems—scalable applications simplify the integration of our HVAC systems to other building systems—lighting, security and water—both existing and new.

Optimize your building—the path to improvement can be found in the data that’s collected from your building. Tozour SMART Services can provide the analytics that tell you where your building is running well, where things could be better and what you can do about it.

Connect with ExpertsTozour Automation delivers Connected Buildings Solutions through centralized engineering, combined with local design, installation and service expertise. Plus, 24/7 monitoring by experts helps solve many issues more quickly and efficiently, minimizing the impact on your business.