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Design Engineering

Engineering Design Tools

Tozour Automation realizes that time is money, and these tools will help engineers save hours designing control systems. Leverage Trane’s expertise and gain access to open, non-proprietary control specifications that include sequences, schematics, points list, and other key requirements. To gain access to these free tools, click here.

Intelligent Systems Make Comfort a Priority

Tozour is transforming the way buildings are managed using smart controls and technology-enabled services. Intelligent HVAC equipment and controls generate streams of data; however turning data into insight requires decades of controls experience and knowledge of what building managers need—and need to know—to maintain and improve building performance.

Count on the professionals at TES to help you:

  • Bring simplicity and accuracy to workspace comfort control
  • Make informed, proactive decisions about everyday maintenance and long-term asset management
  • Access flexible and accurate information, on demand
  • Measure, benchmark and manage energy use

Whether managing multiple facilities in different locations, one building, or one HVAC unit, Tozour can recommend building controls and automation systems to suit a variety of needs. Contact us so we can start helping you today.