Trane Control Systems

Trane Tracer

Tozour Automation is the exclusive distributor of Trane portfolio of control offerings in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. As the only Trane authorized agent in the market, Tozour Automation brings a unique solution to our clients by leveraging a complete package of Trane equipment and control systems.

Enterprise Building Management System (Tracer ES)

Get online, enterprise-wide control over all of your buildings and systems from any PC, tablet, or web-enabled device on your network. Tracer® enterprise management solutions integrate easily with other BACnet® systems, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions for optimized performance. Tracer ES enterprise controls provide centralized scheduling and alarms, supports long-term data storage to document and monitor performance, enables remote troubleshooting, and brings disparate systems together for upgrade flexibility. And because Tracer ES enterprise controls offer full browser support, you can access your facility from wherever, whenever.

The Trane Tracer™ BAS Operator Suite is available for download from App Store and Google Play.

Building Automation System (Tracer SC and Concierge)

Our technology provides an intuitive, mobile platform that gives you the power and flexibility to manage your building more efficiently, reducing cost and providing a better indoor environment. Tracer® SC leverages a complete portfolio of building management applications, with intuitive high-quality 3D graphics, allowing you to manage system performance whenever and wherever with our simple, web-based accessibility. Designed to provide control of complex and typical systems ranging from the building as a system to central plants to HVAC systems, Tracer™ SC enables application of integrated design concepts that are optimized for energy and environmental performance. The net effect–sustainable systems that deliver measurable, repeatable, and superior performance at lower operating costs. Tracer™ SC allows you to streamline facility management without reinventing the entire system, leveraging existing infrastructure. The Tracer™ SC can also act as a bridge to other manufacturers, regardless if they are open protocol or proprietary control systems.

With the Trane® Tracer™ Concierge system, the benefits of control formerly reserved for large installations are scalable to buildings that used to be managed room by room. Concierge provides an easy and affordable way for building owners to gain simplified HVAC and lighting control from one interface, resulting in improved comfort and performance with reduced operating costs. As a bundled system of proven Trane components powered on a trusted Tracer controls platform, Concierge provides the feature-rich functionality of building automation without added complexity. The ability to fit the system to your specific building needs results in optimized building performance — and also contributes to greater efficiency and energy savings.

The Trane Tracer™ BAS Operator Suite is available for download from App Store and Google Play.

Equipment and Unit Controls

Our wide range of controllers can address virtually any application and are compatible with a variety of building and system types, whether your projects are new construction or retrofits. From terminal unit controllers fully programmable to meet any specification or preloaded with standard applications, to high-performance controllers for advanced applications, Trane delivers flexibility, capability, and ease of use for effective and reliable control. Trane also eliminates the need for a keyboard or mouse and provides on-the-go control options by offering an intuitive graphical user interface that can serve as a highly adaptable, standalone controls subsystem for air handling units, boilers, cooling towers, and chiller plants.

Controls include:
  • Airside Controllers
  • Chiller Controllers
  • Wireless Communication
  • General Controllers
  • Variable Frequency Drives

Wireless Technology

Bring maximum flexibility to your building automation system with Trane Air-FiTM wireless technology. Our system significantly simplifies building controls projects by replacing the wired communication link for Tracer™ building automation systems that support BACnet open protocols, providing wireless connectivity to sensors for easy installation. Trane Air-FiTM leverages the advantages of self-healing wireless mesh technology with an extended signal range, lifetime battery,* and easy installation for reliable and cost-effective operation. Adherence to the open, standard protocol of ZigBee® Building Automation enables secure and reliable wireless monitoring and control over commercial building systems. Trane Air-Fi wireless also conforms to the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, so your wireless BAS communication system will seamlessly coexist with other wireless systems, including Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi™ — without interference.

Energy Systems Integration Solutions

With a building controls upgrade program like Trane BAS R’newal™ service program, you can make your existing building automation system more effective by leveraging the equipment and systems you already have in place. Take advantage of new technologies and capabilities while maximizing existing assets. More than simply a controls technology upgrade, the BAS R’newal service program is a comprehensive solution designed to improve building performance and efficiency while making systems more cost-effective and reliable. After a system assessment and upgrade, this energy systems integration solution incorporates bringing performance into alignment with your current needs, then maintaining and proactively driving performance through connected intelligent services and operator training. Finally, with performance reporting, you will see how the program has impacted your business, identify additional opportunities to maximize your investment, and help plan for the life cycle of your building.

SMART Services

Tozour SMART Services include alerts, comprehensive reporting, custom support, and remote systems adjustments. Learn more on our SMART Services page.