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Air Handling Systems

Air Handling System

Incorporating the right airside products into a HVAC air handling system is a critical part of creating world-class performance. By helping you select the right air handling system, Tozour Energy Systems can help address indoor air quality issues such as temperature and humidity, ventilation, mold, bacteria, other particulate matter, and noise.

Whether you need basic comfort cooling or a custom-designed part of a sophisticated HVAC system, a Trane air handling system, combined with extensive experience creating custom products, mean that we can provide you with the right units for your system.

Performance Air Handling Systems

Designed to optimize your HVAC system: Trane® Performance Climate Changer™ air handlers can help HVAC systems achieve higher energy efficiency and indoor air quality while reducing maintenance requirements – adding life to buildings and improving the lives of people within them. From the most straightforward needs to wide-ranging demands for air cleaning, dehumidification and energy savings, there’s a Trane Performance Climate Changer™ air handling unit to deliver everything your project requires.

Make-Up Air Gas Heating Systems

Tozour Energy Systems provides a full line of make-up air products including direct-fired gas heating and indirect-fired gas heating in both indoor and outdoor units.

Direct Fired Make-Up Air

The Trane direct fired outdoor heating units are designed for relieving negative pressure conditions inside industrial and commercial facilities. With their packaged, curb mounted design, these direct fired units offer a full support system that provides a plenum for return air and easily accessible piping and electrical connections.

Indirect Fired Make-Up Air

Trane gas-fired indoor make-up air handling units are designed for indirect fired applications requiring heating, cooling, ventilating and make-up air. All indirect fired units are completely package, rail-mounted, wired, piped, and test-fired to assure smooth installation and easy start-up.

Air Handler Options

Trane continually invests in air handler research and development of new products to adapt the changing needs of today’s HVAC market. Our focus on whole systems has led to the design of many custom options that can be incorporated into standard cataloged air handler, providing a more cost effective solution than a completely custom-built unit.

These custom-engineered air handler solutions are offered as offered as factory-packaged specials that deliver Trane quality, enable simplified on-site installation, and provide proven, tested performance. The air handler solutions address such issues as humidity control, energy recovery, special acoustical needs, air filtration and the use of optional fuel sources.

Air Cleaning Options

Many factors affect a building’s indoor air quality (IAQ). Good IAQ is the result of contaminant source management, proper ventilation, humidity control and proper air cleaning. Trane offers air cleaning equipment and controls that can help assure good IAQ while maintaining the HVAC system’s energy efficiency.

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