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Tozour-Trane OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners Simplifies Access to Tozour-Trane Solutions

It is a challenge to maintain high-quality building environments within budget constraints. Required energy efficiency and environmental sustainability may seem out of reach.

Tozour-Trane’s contract with OMNIA allows customers to benefit from the purchasing power of up to 90,000 public agencies. It provides world class government procurement resources and solutions.

All contracts available through OMNIA Partners are competitively bid by a lead public agency and provide access to a broad line of top national suppliers.

OMNIA Partners delivers excellence in cooperative solutions by providing:

  • Third-party audits
  • Benchmarking analyses
  • Rigorous supplier commitments

Who Can Participate?

Many different types of government and nonprofit entities qualify to purchase through OMNIA Partners.

  • K-12 school districts and higher education
  • Cities, towns, counties, states and other government entities
  • Nonprofit organizations such as museums, religious institutions and civic groups
  • Housing and transportation authorities, parts and other special districts

Why purchase Tozour-Trane HVAC Systems and Services Through OMNIA Partners?

Increase Your Purchasing Power

Ensure cost-conscious solutions with competitive pricing on world-class systems and services from Tozour-Trane.

Simplify Your Buying Process

The Trane contract through OMNIA Partners was competitively solicited by Hartford County Public Schools in accordance with their public purchasing rules and regulations. Applying these competitive principles satisfies the competitive bid requirements for most state and local government agencies.

Maximize Your Productivity

The expedited procurement process offers greater efficiency and consistency in purchasing. Your Tozour-Trane systems and services are delivered quickly. Save important project time.

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