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Building Operation Services

Building Operation Services

Tozour Energy Systems can keep facilities operating at peak performance while providing financial relief, improved quality and comfort with Building Operation Services (BOS). BOS allows building owners to concentrate on their core business while we provide full-time, onsite personnel to ensure safe, efficient and comfortable environments. Our TES team will develop, customize, implement and staff a BOS plan to fit the needs of any facility.

BOS advantages include:
  • Facility operations and optimization
  • Reduced service calls for repairs and maintenance
  • Safety training programs
  • Full-time onsite maintenance staff and resources
  • 24/7 emergency supervision and technical support
  • Budget analysis & capital planning
  • Reduced overhead expenses
  • Special projects and event setup
  • Preventative maintenance planning and execution
  • System inspections
  • Asset planning

In addition to providing day-to-day services, BOS provides holistic facility management. This includes data analysis through Tozour SMART Services which uses state-of-the-art technology to measure, sustain and optimize a building’s performance to keep people comfortable and minimize energy costs.

Having BOS diagnose a potential problem before it happens will save you money. Services include:

  • Building performance analysis and management
  • Energy analysis and recommendations
  • Equipment life cycle cost analysis
  • Predictive diagnostic services

By using BOS, the following expenses will be absorbed by Tozour:

  • Payroll, taxes and insurance
  • Benefits
  • Vacation/personal time, sick days
  • Uniform and tools
  • Training and certifications

Tozour BOS helps your building operate efficiently, reduces down time and our energy expertise will significantly reduce utility costs. Our trained experts and engineers will install, diagnose and repair existing systems, and onsite supervision decreases the need for services calls. Tozour also offers solutions to extend the life of your building and improve air quality.