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Energy Services

Energy Services

Energy influences operational costs, capital availability, risk management and operational resiliency. It’s a factor in overall building performance and sustainability.

Tozour takes it all into consideration. We’ll partner with you to help you understand how energy is affecting your company. Tozour goes beyond system efficiency to help you navigate energy purchasing strategies, energy sourcing and storage, along with optimizing energy consumption.

Energy Supply Services

Energy is a strategic business enabler. Using less energy is one way to save. It is important to think and act more strategically about your energy supply. Tozour Energy Systems can help your organization procure energy in ways that strengthen your bottom line, reduce price risk and exposure to market volatility.

Our comprehensive and strategic approach incorporates proprietary data and forecasts, risk tolerance assessments and professional purchasing strategies to help you reach your business goals. We can help you…

  • Get the best utility rates by keeping tabs on local and state utility markets and regulations. Find out more about Peak Load Management >
  • Incorporate renewable energy into your strategy to most effectively match your needs
  • Manage risks to your budget by leveraging our experience and insights to anticipate and avoid energy price surges
  • Monetize your building’s energy performance by integrating demand response and load management strategies

Energy Efficiency

At Tozour, we a take a holistic approach to building efficiency. We’ll begin by scrutinizing your energy-related operational costs.  Tozour will help you think differently about the many ways that buildings could support your business goals, starting with reducing energy costs to strengthen the bottom line.

Utility and Grid Solutions

The electric grid is going through a transformation, creating new opportunities and challenges for both building owners and electric grid operators across the country.

Aging traditional infrastructure, the rapid growth of renewable energy and distributed energy resources are changing electric supply and demand management. Now more than ever, finding innovative ways to manage energy are of vital importance to utilities and their customers.

Tozour can help grid operators address these challenges while simultaneously delivering new sources of value to building owners and occupants.

  • Reduce costs – by shifting building electrical load to reduce peak demand charges
  • Improve resilience – by coupling renewables, on-site generation, DER technologies and energy storage solutions to allow customers to minimize dependence on the grid in case of a disruptive event
  • Reach higher sustainability – by optimizing efficiency and managing energy sources as well as minimizing environmental impact associated with supporting utility infrastructure required otherwise 

Contracting and Financing

There are many opportunities for your building to be more cost efficient, sustainable and easier to operate. Too often that potential is going untapped. Reduced facilities budgets are consumed by necessary maintenance, and employees simply don’t have time to take on more complex projects. Tozour Energy Systems can break down the roadblocks.

Not sure where to start? We can use data from your building comparing against similar buildings to identify which changes and upgrades will deliver the greatest ROI that aligns to your business goals.