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When you lose power, equipment goes down or renovations and upgrades cause downtime you want everything back up and running as quickly as possible. Tozour-Trane Rental Services provides temporary equipment to maintain the operation of your facilities and keep your customers, patients, and students comfortable and safe.

Our experts can keep your operations running smoothly. Here are some of the services they provide:

  • Rental estimates
  • Emergency planning
  • Contingency planning for expected outages
  • Develop and implement turnkey projects for temporary solutions

Our Tozour-Trane can supply you with the rental equipment that you need, such as:

  • Commercial cooling equipment: Chillers (10-1,000 tons), Cooling Towers (270-1,000 tons), packaged units
  • Commercial airside products: AHU’s, DX units, high static units
  • Non-residential emergency power: 60kw – 2mw
  • Ancillary: Pumps, heat exchangers, hoses, transformers

Failures happen. Tozour stands ready to step in and provide emergency services, parts, rentals, or other services to keep your facility running 24×7.

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