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Tozour SMART Services

SMART Services Center

Powerful Detection and Diagnostics 24x7x365

Tozour Energy Systems always acts like an extension of your facilities team. TES has your back through our continuous data collection and system performance measurement solutions for building operators. When equipment is not performing optimally, you are, at best, wasting energy and incurring unnecessary costs and, at worst, at risk for major repairs or replacement projects. At Tozour SMART Services Center, performance on multiple systems throughout your building or campus are continuously measured to find hidden or unnoticed equipment faults, performance problems, as well as the root cause of those problems.

Using detailed system-operating data, a performance rating is created for each mechanical system and for the entire building. This report gives the operator and service provider a detailed view of areas in need of attention. When a service is performed, results are measured and reported to further assist in finding the right solution. Tozour SMART Services include alerts, comprehensive reporting, custom support, and remote systems adjustments.

With continuous diagnostics, Tozour can also help you create a proactive maintenance plan to reduce failures and control overall costs. TES can collect data from any open protocol Building Automation System (BAS) and automatically assess each point. Detailed reports document performance variances compared with a design set point. Once identified, improvement routines can be executed to return the building to optimal operation.

Whether we’re just supervising HVAC systems or a comprehensive BAS covering your entire building or campus, the experts at Tozour’s SMART Services Center are there to help you operate a better building.